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Morocco Travel 4×4– Privacy Policy

Morocco Travel 4×4– Privacy Policy
Morocco Travel 4×4– Privacy Policy

Morocco Travel 4×4– Privacy Policy

We take your privacy extremely seriously and will NEVER pass on any personal details provided by you to any other individual or organisation for any reason. We understand that your privacy is very important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used.

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

Any piece of information that may be used to identify a specific person is considered personal data. Data that has had its identities erased (anonymous data) is not part of it. Here are some examples of the types of personally identifiable information (PII) that we may gather, use, keep, and transfer:

(A) Identity Data

This includes data relating specifically to your identity, such as your first name, maiden name, last name, or similar identifier, marital status, title, date of birth and gender, passport number or ID card number.

(B) Contact Data

This includes data relating to how you may be contacted, such as your billing address, delivery address, email address and telephone numbers.

(E) Technical Data

This includes more technical data that we may obtain when you make use of our website, such as your internet protocol (IP) address, your login data, browser type and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform and other technology on the devices you use to access this website.

(F) Usage Data

This includes information about how you use our website, products and services.

Special Categories Of Personal Data...

We collect the following special categories of personal data about you.

Details about your:

dietary requirements which may disclose your religious or philosophical beliefs; and health
We collect and process the above data only where it is strictly necessary to do so in order to deliver the travel service that you have purchased. Furthermore, we will only collect and process the above special categories of sensitive personal data from you where you have provided us with your explicit consent to do so.

You are not under any obligation to consent to us processing your sensitive personal data. However, without your consent, we won’t be able to make the necessary arrangements to provide the travel services that you have booked or are attempting to book. As a result, if you do not provide your consent, we will be unable to proceed with your booking.

If you are happy to consent to our use of your sensitive personal data, you will also be able to withdraw your consent at any time. However, as this will prevent us from providing the travel service you have booked, we will be required to treat any withdrawal of consent as a cancellation of your booking and the cancellation policy in our Booking Terms and Conditions will become payable.

How Will This Information Will Be Used?

We collect your information simply so that we may contact you to discuss your school tour plans. We send out a termly bulletin to you if you have checked the appropriate box when you made your first enquiry – this is strictly opt-in so that if you have not instructed us to mail you our newsletter, we will not.

How Will This Information Will Be Transferred To Third Party Companies?

It won’t be, it’s as simple as that. We have no reason to pass your details on and hate spam as much as you do. We certainly have no interest in helping people fill up your inbox!

If You Fail To Provide Personal Data..

Where we need to collect personal data by law or under the terms of a contract we have with you and you fail to provide that data when requested, we may not be able to perform the contract we have or are trying to enter into with you.

In other words, where we require details from you in order to provide you with your chosen travel services, if you do not provide us with the necessary details then we will not be able to provide the services you have booked or are attempting to book.

In this case, depending upon when you fail to provide the necessary date, we may either not be able to process your booking or we may have to cancel your booking, in which case we will treat this as a ‘cancellation by you’ in accordance with our Booking Terms and Conditions . We will notify you if we are unable to process a booking or are required to cancel a booking for this reason.

Social Media Usage..

If you make use of any Morocco Travel 4×4 social media features, either on our website, an App or otherwise through a social media provider, we may access information about you via that social media provider in accordance with their policies. When using a social media feature and if you have chosen to include it in your social media account, we may access information such as your name, profile picture, gender, birthday, email address, town or district and any other information you have chosen to make available. Depending on the privacy settings of you and your friends, we may access information that you provide to a social media provider regarding your respective locations (“Location Data”) to provide you with relevant content. Please note that your Location Data may also be shared with your friends on a social media provider in accordance with your privacy settings for that social media provider. We may also access information from social media providers about your use of an App that we run on their website.

Testimonials, Video & Photos..

Any image or video taken by any person during your holiday that contains your image or likeness may be used by Morocco Travel 4×4 for promotional and marketing purposes without charge in all media including but not limited to booklets, advertising campaigns, website and social media channels. Feedback supplied to Morocco Travel 4×4 may also be used in print and online for marketing and advertising purposes. This includes but not limited to, third party review sites and questionnaires supplied to us post-tour. Additionally, any photographs, video and text sent to must be the client’s own and by sending it, the client agrees that Morocco Travel 4×4 can use it for advertising and marketing purposes.

Links To Other Websites..

Our website contains links to several third party websites. Morocco Travel 4×4 cannot take any responsibility for the contents of these external websites nor their respective privacy policies. You should always review the privacy statements on any third party websites that you visit.

Get In Touch..
If you have any questions about our privacy policy and adherence to the new GDPR regulations, then please contact us on the details contained above under ‘Who we are…’

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