3 Day Tour from Errachidia To Fes


Experience the amazing beauty of the Moroccan Sahara on a 3 day tour from Errachidia to Fes. Take in the beauty of the landscape and the sounds of one of the most beautiful rivers in the whole country as you make your way through Ziz Valley; this will be the beginning of an experience you will never forget.

Learn about the Merzouga region’s charms as you follow the golden dune line of Erg Chebbi. Meet Berber nomad families, see intriguing fossil mines, relax in the tranquil Hassi Labied oasis, and see the ever-changing Sriji as you travel around Morocco on this well-planned trip. Take pleasure in the relaxing feeling of riding a camel over the rolling dunes, seeing the beauty of dawn and sunset, and ending with a magical night spent camping under the starry Sahara sky.

Along your 3 day trip from Errachidia to Fes, you will pass through the stunning Middle Atlas Mountains. Gaze in wonder at the beautiful landscape and take a moment to relax in the tranquil cedar forest of Azrou, Morocco, home to the fascinating Barbary macaque monkeys. The adventure reaches a climax as you make your way through Ifrane and arrive at the historic city of Fes, capping off a travelogue full of cultural riches and natural beauty.

Here are the things included and excluded in the pricing of the 3 Days Errachidia to Fes Desert Tour:


Tour Itinerary: 3 Day Tour from Errachidia to Fes via middle Atlas

  • Day 1 : Arrive at Errachidia airport and drive to Merzouga desert (2 Hours)

    Starting with a comfortable pickup by a private driver with Morocco Travel 4x4, your3 day tour from Errachidia to Fes will be only the beginning. The trip begins with an early morning departure for Merzouga, in order to accommodate passengers arriving late at night at Moulay Ali Cherif Airport in Errachidia. Before embarking on your Moroccan adventure, you will have the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate over an overnight stay at a hand-picked hotel in Merzouga. This well-planned strategy not only makes your trip easier, but it also prepares you for an immersive experience, so you can wake up in the middle of Merzouga and be ready to see the Moroccan Sahara's charms. From Errachidia to Fes, Morocco Travel 4x4 will plan your 3-day schedule so that you can relax and enjoy yourself the whole way.

  • Day 2 : Full day in Merzouga area to Explore Erg Chebbi and Camel Trek and Night at desert Camp { 50 km } 3 Hours

    Once you have had breakfast at your hotel or camp, we will begin our 4×4 excursion through Merzouga to see various interesting sites near the Erg Chebbi dunes. We will stop at Hassi Labied oasis to observe its irrigation canal and land agriculture. From there, we will head south to the seasonal Sriji lake (if it is full). If you are interested in listening to the Gnawa music of the dark-skinned people who were brought to Morocco as slaves more than a century ago, we will continue to Khamlia village. Proceeding from there, we will go on to M'ifis Canyon. On top of that, the Merzouga desert is well-known for its minerals and fossils, which attract tourists. On our 4×4 desert tour, we'll get to see a nomadic Berber family that lives in a tent in the middle of the Sahara. We can have mint tea with them and ask them about desert life.At several scenic overlooks, we will pause so that you may take in the vistas and capture them on camera. After enjoying lunch at a local restaurant, we will return to the village. From here, you will begin on a camel trek to our Berber Camp in Merzouga. The ride takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. During this time, we will stop on top of the dunes to watch the sunset. If you are interested, you can try sandboarding. After this beautiful break, you will be welcomed with a glass of tea and given time to relax until dinner. After dinner, we will listen to traditional Berber drumming music, admire the starry sky, and finally, you will have a place to sleep under a nomadic tent.

  • Day 3 : Rouad trip to Fes from the Sahra desert via Ziz Valley, Middle atlas, Cedar forest ( 470 km ) 7 Hours

    On the third day of your incredible three-day trip from Errachidia to Fes, you will see the breathtaking dawn over the dunes near your tent, throwing golden colors that will transport you to another world. After this spectacular beginning, have a delicious breakfast and then get ready for the day's excursions by enjoying a refreshing shower at camp.After that, you may either take a relaxing 4WD transfer back to where you started on your adventure or continue on a camelback ride. We pass through the gorgeous Ziz Valley on our way to Fes. This valley is situated along Morocco's second-longest river and has breathtaking scenery that will capture your senses.Take in incredible scenery as you wind your way through the Middle Atlas Mountains, stopping for a leisurely lunch at a picturesque café along the way. As we make our way to Fes in the afternoon, we'll stop at the Azrou Cedar forest, where we may have a wonderful interaction with monkeys. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the forest as you get up close and personal with these interesting animals.Ifrane, the "Little Switzerland of Morocco," is the first stop on the route, and it will bring a little bit of Europe to your Moroccan holiday. Finally, after a carefully planned 3 days of touring from Errachidia to Fes, you will arrive in the city in the late afternoon. Upon arrival, we will say our goodbyes at your hotel. You will have experienced the many landscapes, cultural contacts, and remarkable experiences that make Morocco beautiful on this immersive adventure.

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