Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

Morocco is a country that is mostly inhabited by Muslims, and the religion of Islam forbids the usage of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is available in select establishments in Morocco, such as licensed hotels, pubs, and restaurants that cater to visitors. Morocco is famed for its cultural variety and tolerance, and you may find alcohol at these establishments. This restaurant is permitted to provide alcoholic drinks to those who do not adhere to the Muslim faith.

Alcohol use in public settings is typically frowned upon, and it is recommended that individuals consume alcohol only in spaces that have been specifically designated for that purpose. It is essential to be aware of this fact. In addition, there is a possibility that alcohol prohibitions may be enforced more strictly during Islamic festivals or festivities.

Should you want to consume alcoholic beverages while in Morocco, it is strongly suggested that you do so in a way that is courteous and discreet, while also complying to the local norms and rules. Maintain a constant awareness of the cultural and religious sensitivities that are associated with the usage of alcohol in the host nation.

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

What is prohibited to do in Morocco? There are 8 things to keep in mind.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in Morocco. Both the purchase and use of alcoholic beverages are permitted at licensed hotels, bars, and tourist zones. Alcohol may also be purchased in the majority of the large supermarkets. Additionally, the alcohol department is often located in a room that is distinct from the main supermarket. Outside of specified zones, any effort to acquire or consume alcohol might potentially end in a confrontation with the law enforcement team.

Licensed bars often do not have windows because, even while drinking is permitted, patrons are not permitted to be seen by people who are outside the establishment. For the most part, only visitors are permitted to consume alcohol in public places, however there are a few restaurants and pubs that allow customers to drink outdoors. A significant number of Moroccans use alcohol, however they are only permitted to do it indoors.

Although it is permissible to carry alcohol into Morocco, there are restrictions on how much you may bring in. Although it is not quite clear what the specific limitations are, it is widely assumed that you are permitted to carry in one liter of alcohol with you. It is not quite clear if either one liter of spirits or one liter of pure alcohol is being referred to here. Consequently, we advise that you take the precautionary measure of not taking more than one bottle of wine or spirits with you. In light of the fact that customs examines all baggage upon arrival (at airports as well as ports), we do not advise carrying more than this amount. This is because attempting to bring in an excessive amount of alcohol might result in complications.

However, because of the taxes that are levied on alcoholic beverages in Morocco, it would be far more cost-effective for you to carry alcohol with you from your home country if you are on a budget and want to drink while you are in Morocco.

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?


If you are caught possessing, selling, or using illicit substances, you might face a lengthy jail term in addition to a hefty fine. Because Morocco has very stringent regulations on drugs, you should try to avoid being involved in the drug trade while you are here. Regular police roadblocks are in place in the northern region of Morocco since the nation is experiencing a problem with the smuggling of narcotics. We, along with other tourists who are traveling in legal tourist transit, are not disturbed by the police; nonetheless, the authorities are constantly on the watch for suspicious activity.

Is it permissible to possess hashish in Morocco? However, despite the fact that it is not legal, it is commonly used and accepted. A significant amount of cannabis is cultivated in the Rif Mountains, which are located south of Tangier and close to Chefchaouen. Morocco is the country that produces the most cannabis in the world. Travel from Tangier to Chefchaouen is a common route used by individuals for this purpose.  It is important to keep in mind that when you are walking about in Chefchaouen, different persons may likely approach you and offer you hashish. As a result of the fact that what they are doing is against the law, these individuals will not bother you, but you should exercise caution around them. It is quite probable that you will get into difficulty if you smoke hashish in Chefchaouen; nonetheless, you should always take care since this narcotic is officially prohibited in Morocco.

Clothing that is not acceptable

Women are more likely to agree with this idea than males. The recommendation that women should wear clothing that covers the majority of their body is not a law in and of itself; rather, it is only a recommendation that women should do so for their own protection. Clothes that expose an excessive amount of one’s body should be avoided since they are uncommon and have the potential to draw attention that is not desired. When contrasted with the culture of Europe, this is a significant cultural distinction. In this sense, Morocco is significantly different from other countries; thus, at all times, it is important to remember to dress appropriately in order to prevent any possible complications, even if the temperature is very hot outdoors.

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

Religious books and publications

In Morocco, individuals are free to practice any religion of their choosing; nevertheless, it is against the law to seek to disseminate Bibles or other forms of religious material. Making an effort to convert Muslims is not permissible. Due to the fact that this is a severe offense, you should exercise particular caution if your travel to Morocco entails fulfilling a religious mission since it is against the law. Seeking the guidance of professionals is recommended.

The homosexuality

When it comes to this matter, it is essential to be aware that Morocco is still a conservative Muslim country and any proof of homosexuality may result in criminal charges being brought against the individual. This is a vital aspect to keep in mind if you are traveling as part of a homesexual couple, even if it is quite unlikely that you would have any difficulties in normal circumstances.

Sex before marriage

If you are not married to your partner, you are not allowed to engage in sexual activity with that person. When reserving hotel rooms with someone of the opposite sex, it is important to keep this in mind since certain hotels may require you to reserve separate rooms if you are Moroccan. This law is not enforced for foreigners, which means that you will be permitted to share a hotel room even if you are not married to the person you are staying with. In the majority of situations, Moroccans would be required to provide a marriage certificate.

Material that is pornographic

It is against the law to own or engage in the distribution of pornographic material of any sort, and access to websites that contain pornographic content is restricted from inside Morocco.

Taking photographs of military installations

Due to the fact that this legislation is applicable in almost every nation, you should avoid taking photographs of sensitive locations in order to prevent any possible issues. In most cases, there will be a sign that acts as a warning. If you want to avoid taking obvious photographs of military, police, or borders, you should strive to avoid doing so. In the majority of instances, there will be no issue; nonetheless, it is preferable to avoid causing any discomfort.

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